Making good more doable

Good is currently too hard, but with some help we can all achieve it

Ok look. We all want to be good people. We might not know it of ourselves and we might not trust this to be true for others, but let’s assume this to be true for the moment. At the same time, it is not hard to see how there is a lot of bad happening in the world. Even our own actions are probably not always good. So how is this possible if we all want to be good? We cannot want to do good and do bad at the same time, now can we?

What if despite our motivation to be good, it is simply too hard to always follow through? What if good is too hard to always put into practice? Imagine if we could reduce the effort to do the right thing, making it a lot more doable to be who we want to be: good people.

My mission is to remove any barriers that might stand in the way between us and good, and provide practical tools to make our attempts to do good more effective. This site invites everybody who wants to be a good person, employee or citizen to join this mission to make good more doable. Especially those of us who are professionally responsible to help others be good, like policy makers, compliance officers, ethics & integrity experts, lawyers, judges, police or politicians are invited to join what might become a movement.





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