Good doubts

Doubting is essential to making good more doable

It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that being good is all about knowing what is right or wrong. Indeed, it really helps to know this, but it is exponentially more important be able to find out what good is when it is not clear. As the concept of good is largely dynamic, doing good is more about the journey than it is about the destination.

Unfortunately, many instruments to help us do good aim to provide us with the answers to the question ‘what is good’. Policies and regulations, for example, usually provide us with long lists of what to do and what not to do. They provide the answers to often implicit, or even unknown questions.

Throughout this blog, I will hopefully demonstrate why there is tremendous value in making these questions explicit. It will become clear how doubting can help us understand good better, thereby making it more doable to achieve. But first I will explain why I think we rely too heavily on laws, regulations and policies when trying to help each other do good.





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