Regulation is too complex

Asking people to do good simply by complying to regulation is unreasonable

Our way to make sure we keep doing the right thing is under pressure. Our society relies heavily on our legal and justice system to make sure people know the rules and follow them. We make ever more complex regulations to govern the organisations active in our society and we need ever more people to create these regulations and to make sure we adhere to them. But are rules enough to govern our actions when the world is so complex? You can wonder if it’s possible to grasp all of the regulation necessary to know what we are allowed to do if there are so many things we can do. Surely there is a point where there is simply too much regulation to keep up?

Regulation is too complex

Unfortunately, the total body of regulation is not only increasing, it is also becoming more dynamic. Many of the changes we see in the world will have an effect on how we see what’s right and wrong in this world. So logically, the rules governing our actions will need to be adapted more regularly. Imagine the effect on us as a citizen or employee in an organisation. If all the time we have to comply with more rules that change more often, we will have to spend more time and effort understanding and operationalising these rules all the time. As what point does the required time and effort become unreasonable?





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