Dilemma database

To get a better idea of what we see as the ‘grey area’ between right and wrong, I set out to collect as many (ethical) dilemmas as possible and store them in a consistent and ordered manner. I will look for ways to make the database accessible to e.g. ethics researchers, practitioners and/or the general public.

The ways I collect dilemmas is as follows:

  1. Desk research of public sources such as newssites, academic pages and articles or websites of professional organisations.
  2. Trough my dilemma dropbox I collect dilemma’s from anyone who would like to share one.
  3. I write down dilemma’s that I’ve experienced myself or that I’ve heard about trough my network.

As you can see, the dilemmas themselves are often from sources other than myself. I will merely provide analytical data and an overview for reference, but will always mention the original source when applicable.

So far (january 2024) the database consists of 509 dilemmas, widely varying in type, quality and detail. Next to collecting more dilemmas I will over time improve the quality of the database by providing more detail metadata and quality criteria.

To get an idea of the types of dilemma’s I’ve collected so far, see below for a breakdown per sector and situation.

Dilemmas per sector

Dilemmas per situation

Please do reach out if you have ideas or input or if you would like to know more about my dilemma database.