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  • Good doubts

    Good doubts

    Doubting is essential to making good more doable It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that being good is all about knowing what is right or wrong. Indeed, it really helps to know this, but it is exponentially more important be able to find out what good is when it is not clear.…

  • A pathway to good

    A pathway to good

    There is a logical process to being good This post follows up on the previous post Making good more doable let’s break down what steps it would take to ultimately be able to say we are good people. So, the endgame is to be good, but how can we become that? To become good, we…

  • Making good more doable

    Making good more doable

    Good is currently too hard, but with some help we can all achieve it Ok look. We all want to be good people. We might not know it of ourselves and we might not trust this to be true for others, but let’s assume this to be true for the moment. At the same time,…