Triggers for good

We should learn to recognise opportunities to do good

If we truly want to be good, we should train ourselves to be triggered when there is opportunity to do good. If indeed, the pathway to good starts with our ability to recognise good, it is crucial that we are aware of the moments in our day to day lives that pose an opportunity to do good (or indeed a risk to do bad).

As our inherent ambition is to be good by doing good, it all starts when we are triggered to do something. Anything. Ideally, every time our mind sets out to do something, it should look for opportunities to do good and avoid bad. We should always recognise the potential for good. Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to always be fully aware, so we should set our ambition at learning to recognise the type of situations that generally are relevant for doing good.

Later in this blog, I will name these situations ‘key moments’. In a corporate setting, key moments could stand for anything like ‘When hiring a new colleague’, to ‘When setting up a meeting’ or ‘When onboarding a new client’.





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